Queen Size Mattress

Queen Size Mattress

Get the royal treatment with a Queen Size Mattress from your local Mattress Mill shop here in Bozeman, MT. Get more space for yourself when you choose a Queen Bed. These mattresses are 60 inches wide by 80 inches long to give customers more room for a couple or those who are taller and need the extra length.

Is it Time to Upgrade to a Queen Size Mattress?

Where a Full Mattress might work for an adult living alone or someone who doesn’t need the extra room at night, a Queen Size Mattress is the perfect mattress for a couple looking to add more comfort to their bedroom. A Queen Size adds just enough additional space to sleep comfortably instead of cramming into a Full Size Bed with a partner.

A Queen Size Mattress isn’t just for couples, it’s a great option for customers who are taller individuals. Sometimes you need those extra inches to help provide you more ample space when trying to get a good night’s rest.

Whether you are in need of the extra room because you have two people occupying the bed, are tall, the kids have trouble sleeping at night, or your bedroom and budget allow for a larger mattress, Mattress Mill’s Queen models will be a great fit.

All of our mattresses are available in the Queen size.

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