The Mattress Mill Story - Jack and Nan Thanepohn

The Mattress Mill Story

From the beginning, we’ve endeavored to build a better bed.

We are local and family owned. Nan and I grew up on Illinois farms, and were drawn to Montana’s ranching lifestyle. But in 1986, when an opportunity emerged to start our own business manufacturing and selling mattresses here in Bozeman, we jumped on it. We are proud to be part of the fabric of the Bozeman economy.

We have deep experience. When Mattress Mill first opened, we had only two styles of mattresses. Together, we hand-built and delivered each and every one of the products we sold. But as we heard story after story of customers' dissatisfaction with their prior mattress experiences, it prompted us to design and develop many more mattress styles to suit a wide range of needs and preferences.

We listen and make it right. Those stories of frustration also drive us to work closely with each person who comes through our doors. We want to ensure your experience here is thoroughly agreeable. Though the Mattress Mill family has grown from just Nan and I, each of our employees continues to care for each individual as Nan and I have from the start. We want to make sure your mattress fits you well – even years after the delivery.

We are affordable. Though we are one of only a handful of mattress makers in the country who truly make each of our products by hand, our customers are often surprised to find that our prices are competitive with mass manufacturers. We know that budgets are as variable as sleeping styles, and we have always aimed to deliver superior products with the best possible value. We are excited for the opportunities that the innovations of the future will bring!

We thank you. We are grateful for the continued support of each person who has invested in our sleep products, and hope to serve you for many years to come using the principles that have faithfully guided us from the start.

— Jack & Nan Thanepohn

Since 1986, Mattress Mill has been dedicated to providing a key component of a healthy night’s rest, and to making every effort toward the continued satisfaction of our customers.