Preference Zippered Pocketed Coil Mattress & Adjustable Bed

Adjust Your Bed’s Firmness with Multiple Cushioning Layers

The additional support inside the Preference Zippered Pocketed Coil is what makes it one of our most luxurious models. The interior of the mattress is designed with a layer each of hybrid memory foam or high-density polyurethane foam, for firm yet comfortable cushioning.

Choose the firmness of foam that best suits your comfort needs—firmer for more support, or less firm for a softer mattress. Mix and match different foam types for the feel that is right for you.
Additionally, the fabric-wrapped pocketed coils give the bed excellent stability while reducing disruptive side-to-side motion.

Overlaid with a versatile zip-open mattress panel, which allows you to adjust the support layers in the top of the bed, the Preference gives you highly customizable comfort with an affordable price tag.

Dimensions Size
38” x 79.5” Twin XL
53” x 79.5” Full XL
60” x 79.5” Queen
76” x 79.5” King
Mattress Thickness
Available in Zipper Design
Foundation Types
Adjustable Base
Comfort Range
Cushioning Options
Memory Foam
High Density Foam
Mattress Thickness

Mattress Size Chart

Mattress sizing chart - Mattress Mill Bozeman, MT