Custom Size Mattresses

Our bed and butter.

Bedtime – that serene moment you retreat to your space to relax, rest, and enjoy some well-deserved personal time. However, a poor-quality or ill-fitting mattress can ruin that divine time of the day. With Mattress Mill, that problem is a non-issue. No matter what shape or size bed you have, our expert team can create a custom size mattress of the highest quality that meets your precise specifications. Custom-made mattresses are our “bed and butter.” With almost 4 decades of experience doing what we do best, there’s no bed for which we cannot create the perfect mattress. We can make and supply almost any odd size mattress for custom size beds in any shape you can possibly dream up.


Not everyone needs custom size mattresses; some will do fine with standard sizes. However, people with custom size beds, unique application beds, or beds in unconventional shapes may require a bespoke mattress. For instance, if you have a tough-to-fit antique bed frame, a uniquely shaped bed, or perhaps a camper, truck, or RV bed, you might need a tailored mattress custom-made to your bed’s precise measurements and form.

Unfortunately, most mattress stores provide limited options – but that’s where we come in. There’s nothing beyond our expertise or capabilities. In addition to the standard king, queen, full, and twin size mattresses we offer, we make odd size mattresses and custom size mattresses in styles and shapes such as:

Custom Round Mattress from Mattress Mill



Extra Long Mattresses

If you or a family member is very tall, a custom size mattress can be made to fit a person’s height so that they can be comfortable in bed without their feet awkwardly hanging out.


Oversize Mattresses

Whether you have an extra large bed frame or simply want a supersize bed, we can make custom size mattresses in any size to fit your exact needs.


Short Queen Beds

Much like extra-long mattresses, we can create short custom size mattresses for smaller queen beds to fit your exact measurements.


Beveled Edge Bed

A bevelled edge bed means the edge is softened to minimize sharpness. While this type is for aesthetics, it’s also for added safety since there’s less of a chance of injury from sharp edges. If you have a bevelled edge bed, you may need a special size mattress to fit your frame.


Cut-Corner Beds

Also known as angle corner beds, these beds may require custom sized mattresses and can be used in various settings. Two of the most common applications for this mattress are four-poster beds and RVs. With two (or all) of the angles cut off, the design saves space and reduces the likelihood of accidentally kicking a pointed bed edge.


RV Mattresses, Camper Mattresses, Boat Mattresses & Trailer Mattresses

Cut-corner beds are just one type that’s ideal for RV, trailer, truck, and boat use. With limited space in all of these settings, it’s common for people to get custom size mattresses made to their exact specifications, bed type, and size to save space.


Radius Corner

Many bed types use radius corner mattresses, from bed frames with rounded corners to RV beds. Much like cut-corner beds, they save space and reduce the chances of injury from knocking a leg on a sharp, cornered edge. They always have rounded corners, even if the mattress itself is rectangular.


Hinge Mattresses

This mattress type is excellent for places with limited space where you might wish to stow away furniture when it’s not in use. This could be a small room, apartment, or even settings like RVs, trucks, campers, trailers, and boats. A hinge mattress consists of a top layer and an outer material, which combine as the hinged section of the mattress. When lying flat, the mattress looks and feels like a standard one, but you can easily bend and fold it away for storage.


Sofa Bed Mattresses

Whether in your living room, guest room, or even in your RV, trailer, or boat, sofa beds offer versatile seating and sleeping arrangements. Also known as pull-out couches, hideaway beds, or convertible beds, sofa beds come in odd sizes and shapes and may require custom size mattresses, depending on the style, size, and intended use.

These examples are only a handful of the custom size mattresses we can make.

If you can think of it, we’ve probably made it many times before in our almost 40 years in the industry. With Mattress Mill, you don’t have to settle for something uncomfortable or that doesn’t fit your bed; we can customize our wide range of options in almost any way imaginable. Not only that, but we can also tailor your bespoke mattress’s arrangement of layers and densities to fit your exact needs.


We can make custom size mattresses of any shape, size, style, and application under the following types:

A memory foam mattress consists of a layer of memory foam with springs or support foam. This material uses body heat to soften and molds itself to your shape, offering superior comfort and support.

Also known as a combination mattress, a hybrid mattress is typically multi-layered, combining foam layers and inner springs to provide the ultimate level of support and comfort. The sturdiness of the coil layer affords that robust support, while the soft memory foam grants the comfort factor.

A latex mattress blends latex foam with two other elements: springs or reflex foam. The result is a highly durable, supportive, and comfortable bed surface.

Innerspring mattresses are the most common and oldest design of all mattress types. They comprise a metal wire system containing springs, creating a support frame within the mattress. The frame is covered in fabrics, while comfortable, cushioning material layers over the top to offer additional support.

Custom Round Mattress from Mattress Mill


Whatever your specific mattress’s size, shape, and style, the fit must be correct. No worries in that department – our expert team can give you pointers on evaluating and measuring your space and creating a template or diagram. That way, we can build a special size mattress that fits your bed and room perfectly.

Still, that process might be challenging or too much of a hassle for some. That’s why we can do the work for you – we can undertake all the measuring to ensure we create your unique mattress that’s fully tailored to you, your bed, and your space. If you need any assistance or wish to have a no-obligation chat, please don’t hesitate to visit our store or contact our friendly team today – we’re only a phone call or email away.



Aside from offering regular sizes, we craft special size mattresses for all kinds of beds for any environment. As a long-standing local mattress manufacturer, we build all types of custom size mattresses year in and year out.

Our custom size mattresses (and thousands of happy customers) speak for themselves. However, you might still wonder what makes Mattress Mill stand out from other companies and why you should consider letting us create your 100% custom-made mattress.


  • Local, Born and Bred in Bozeman

    We’re a local, family-owned business in Bozeman, MT, that’s been operating for almost 40 years. Originally opening up shop in 1986, we’ve served customers locally and nationally, manufacturing and supplying custom size mattresses of all shapes and styles ever since.

  • Quick Turnaround Time

    Most mattress manufacturers take up to 8 weeks (or even longer) to design, create, and deliver their custom size mattresses. However, in most cases, we can have your mattress made and ready in as little as 3 weeks.

  • Highest Quality Components

    At Mattress Mill, we have a solid reputation to uphold and a passion for our trade. Therefore, we only use the highest quality components and materials when creating our customers’ custom size beds.

  • Experienced Staff and World-Class Customer Service

    With decades of experience, our knowledgeable staff provides world-class customer service and sales support. Furthermore, nobody works on commission, which means our team isn’t motivated by sales – their motivation is to find or create the ideal mattress for each and every customer, ensuring satisfaction every time without compromise.

  • Considerate Delivery

    At Mattress Mill, we see our delivery team as an extension of our sales staff. Your experience in the showroom will also match the service you receive on delivery. No “ifs, ands or buts” – our professional delivery team is second-to-none and cares about providing you with an exemplary experience from start to finish.

  • 10-Year Warranty

    We know our custom size mattresses are the best – we made them, after all. That’s why we put our money where our mouth is. Our team in Bozeman backs up our beds better than most companies with a 10-year warranty, giving you peace of mind that your bespoke mattress is of the utmost quality and made to last.

Get Started Designing My Custom Size Mattress


Do you have questions about custom size mattresses? Our friendly team welcomes you to get in touch with any queries you may have. In the meantime, check our frequently asked questions below and see if your query is answered.

What to look for when buying a custom size mattress?
  • Consider the right size for your needs
  • Take the shape of your bed into account
  • Think about the thickness and firmness you require
  • Check what materials are available and which you prefer
  • Only purchase from legitimate, experienced custom mattress companies
  • Ask the mattress company questions and for advice if you’re unsure of anything
What is a custom mattress?

A custom-size mattress is as its name suggests. Essentially, it’s a specially made mattress that’s been designed and created to fit specific measurements, sizes, thickness, and even bespoke shapes and materials.

Are custom size mattresses expensive?

Generally, custom special size mattresses are more expensive than those in standard sizes because they require more labor, time, and attention to design and create. However, high-quality custom mattresses can still be less costly than a luxury bed in many cases.

At Mattress Mill, we ensure everyone can enjoy a custom bed. Thanks to our financing plans with minimum monthly payments and zero interest if paid in full during the promotional period (with no down payment needed), our custom mattresses are accessible to all.

What are the advantages of buying a custom size mattress?
  • Get the exact mattress you want without compromise
  • A vast array of options to suit all needs and preferences
  • Enjoy superior comfort and potentially improved sleep as a result
  • Enjoy a mattress that fits your bed and space precisely
  • Select your desired materials and thickness
  • Choose odd shapes and sizes unavailable elsewhere
  • Get a mattress suited to travel, such as for your RV, truck, camper van, etc.
  • Take advantage of our nearly 40 years of experience and tip-top customer service